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Heritage Villas at San Jose residents will enjoy a sense of place and connectivity with the integration of local institutions and commercial establishments from retail shops, dining areas, convenience stores, and more! During the rainy season, you're assured that you, your family, and your home are safe because Heritage North Villas is situated on higher ground, not easily besieged by flood waters.

Convenience and Security matters are two top priorities we always consider. Believing that family is the basic unit of a society, Heritage Villas has a good list of available facilities and amenities to foster a stronger family ties and boost camaraderie within this small community. We have lots of things listed to allow you to be with your kids and family as often as you like and to have ample opportunities to meet and greet neighbors and foster a wholesome community bond.

The entrance and the exit gates are fully landscaped and it is fully secured and monitored 24/7 to ensure safety of residents. Its huge club house is a good venue for all types of family affairs and community events, private or open for other participants to join. This is a very comfortable place for bigger gatherings like birthdays, anniversaries or simple get together events. You can also use our multi-purpose hall for other events which are less formal. There is also a large children’s playground for your kids to enjoy. This place is well-maintained with fully manicured grasses and beautifully lined trees. The list of available kiddie stuffs in the playground would certainly make your children enjoy. The vast space and the number of kiddie stuffs is a good start-up for your kids to make friends with other children within the community. The surroundings are safe from outsiders so you can have some peace of mind while the children are having their own day-off. This playground would equally help you save weekend expenses by going to malls for the same purpose.

The entire place is covered with rich growing grasses and one could easily feel the welcoming and homey atmosphere from gate up to individual houses. And with the abundance of tall and beautiful trees, spending some quite moments, say reading a book or spending some meditation moments would be ideally great below these park type surroundings. These are some of the priceless things Heritage Villa can offer and we often call it as “lifetime experiences”.

Moldex kept the entire place mostly surrounded by trees and green plants because as a family, you and your children need the abundance of cool clean air. No doubt about, you’ll have it.

This is also a very nice place to start your family. If you are about to tie the knot, consider this place for your future family. This is also very ideal for families with growing children. Health is wealth, so they say. Putting your children in a nice, safe and healthy environment would help save medical expenses and all of the hassles associated with sickness. San Juan del Monte in Bulacan is one of the fastest growing provinces outside of Metro Manila. If you are planning to invest in properties where your money is truly secured for the future, take a look at this offer, as time flies, your investments worth would secure your children’s future because of a much higher property valuation. For OFW’s who want to invest in having a home of their own, waste no time in contacting us. We are just few clicks away.

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