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Heritage Villas San Jose

Project at a Glance
Project Location: City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 44 sqm to 120 sqm
Price Range: Php 500,000 to Php 1,100,000


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Heritage Villas San Jose By Moldex Realty

Heritage Villas is located north of Metro Manila in San Jose del Monte, in Bulacan. This is an ideal place to start a family, and to live laid-back life while enjoying beautiful environment. You will not have to fear of floods because the place is situated on higher ground. This is the well-secured place. Only the best for your family and you.

Heritage Villas offer a broad range of house models, ten in total: Jamila House Model, Maja, Cassandra, Jamila model home, as well as Cluster homes. You can and should have a look at ground floor plans and loft or second-floor plans. The ground floor includes a dining area, living area, kitchen, toilet & bath and bedroom. The second-floor consists of two bedrooms (or none). Every house has its parking.

There is also a possibility of purchasing the lot only. This is an opportunity to build your dream home and live an ideal life. Parks, lots of greenery, fantastic views, and fresh air are some of the things you will find if you become an owner one of these lovely houses.

Heritage Villas at San Jose is one of the three Moldex communities, along with Metrogate North Villas and Metrogate San Jose.This little community has an entrance gate. Once you enter, feeling of belonging to this small community will overwhelm you. One of the amenities that Heritage Villas offers is Clubhouse, in the most comfortable construction.

The large playground is the place where you can bond with your children, and let them enjoy their childhood. They will love the playground. Heritage Villas is embedded between Sta. Maria Road, To Norzagaray and To Brgy. Tigbe. This little community is rich with many commercial establishments, beginning with dining area, retail shops to convenience stores and much more. It has educational institutions close by, like Mater Dei Academy and St. Augustine School. Nearby there are Star Mall, Grotto Vista Resort, and a church.

Moldex Realty never run out of brilliance by putting-in key elements altogether to come up with a project as beautiful and as dynamic as Heritage Villas. This project is a perfect picture of flexibility, affordability, serenity and convenience. Proudly standing at Sapang Palay Proper, San Jose del Monte in Bulacan, Heritage Villas offer 44 square meter to 120 square lots with full options to construct your own dream house. That’s flexibility re-defined. Pricing starts at P500,000, that is unmatched affordability. The entire village is surrounded by trees and the pathways are covered by well-maintained grasses. Serenity at its best. And being on a prime location, other than in-house amenities, the Heritage Villas is strategically located near commercial hubs and important places. That’s convenience at its fullest.

Bulacan is a province right at the northern outskirts of Manila. It is one of the progressive suburbs that has benefitted from the construction decongestion of the metropolis. And since Bulacan’s distance to Metro Manila is negligibly short, it becomes a strategic buffer for Manila and far North provinces. This brought tremendous economic boost for the province and the creation of Heritage Villas is timely because commercial establishments are mushrooming all over the province. Moldex was able to create and maintain a laid-back ambiance within the physical community of Heritage Villas in the midst of newly rising commercial centers. This means that your investment with Heritage Villas, whether it is just a piece of land or a combination of both house and lot is assured of a better zonal value in the coming years. This is a great place for investment.

Heritage Villas is a place that is elevated from the rest of the communities, thus, flooding is not a problem here. With it’s excellent under ways construction and a well-planned drainage system, the chance of having any flood is practically zero. The entire 14.75 hectare villa is fully secured with perimeter fences and a 24/7 fully functional security team. You can be assured that you and your family are secured day and night. So apart from the fact that you are treated with a generous nature’s view serving as backdrop your window backdrop, you and your family’s safety is on us as well.

To provide ample flexibility and accord each resident a nice list of options, Heritage Villas offer various house models to choose from. If you are fine with clustered homes, no worries, we have them available for you. But should you want a single detached home, we offer you these house models: Jamila, Maja, Cassandra, Amirah, Daniela, to name a few. Each model has a uniquely tailored design, inside-out. You’ll definitely see your dream house from the long list of our model houses. We offer single and two storey houses. For example, if you opt for an Amirah house model, you’ll get the living area, the dining room, the kitchen, toilet and bathroom, and a single bedroom for your 1st floor and 2 lofty bedrooms upstairs. Design for this model is generally modern tropical with nice wide windows to help you save on energy bills. Jamila house model is basically a tropical-modern Asian inspired house. Cassandra model houses are classy western-inspired architecture with front and side panels oozing with practical spaces. And we a lot down the line.

Daniela single attaches houses are too beautiful to be classified as clustered house. It is western-inspired architecture, with windows and side glass panels perfectly suited for tropical countries like us. The living room, the kitchen, the toilet and bathroom and the service area are all located downstairs while the second floor has the two bedrooms.

The entire community is blessed with amenities and other desired facilities deemed necessary for family and community use daily. These available extras are generously provided to promote closer family ties and to harbor better relationships among immediate neighbors. Nowadays, neighbors and relatives rarely meet and talk simply because of the lack of time and opportunity to do so. With Heritage Villas, having you united with your family, friends and neighbors are encouraged through the facilities and amenities we built.

Owning your space at Heritage Villas is very easy and affordable. Hardworking middle class people are encouraged to join us in this community because we have a surprisingly good list of options to help you should you intend to invest with us. We have live agents available to assist you 24/7 via chat or by phone. We are just few clicks away. No worries, we have a team of experienced agents who know how to listen and have great deal of passion in real estate. You’ll be surprised with their sensibilities and their quality assistance.

Moldex Realty Heritage Villas San Jose in Bulacan, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Heritage Villas San Jose, then check here first. We have full details of Heritage Villas San Jose updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Heritage Villas San Jose - Location & Vicinity

Metrogate Centara is also conveniently located close to many signature Tagaytay gourmet and food strips, as well as destinations for recreational activities like horseback riding, boating, and golf. Nearby educational institutions where parents can send their children are Mater Dei Academy or St. Augustine School.

This nature-perfect community is located at Sapang Palay Proper in San Jose Del Monte, Province of Bulacan. It is a fully secured community that offers get flexibility in terms of payment and housing style options.

The Heritage Villas can be easily accessed through Santa Maria – San Jose Roads. It one of the three residential communities of the original 130 hectares plan which is called New Moldex City. Nearest entertainment places are Kubo sa Tungko Restobar, Green Paradise Restobar, Lyn Canteen and Videoke place, to name a few. Famous Tagaytay food strips and gourmet places are conveniently near the place. If you intend to dine out with family and friends and take some adventurous tours (form of horseback riding or boating, travel time is negligibly near. Nearby hospital which you can easily access are Mendoza General Hospital, Skyline Medical Center & Hospital, San Jose General Hospital, Roquero General Hospital, Kairos Maternity and General Hospital. There are also a number of schools nearby, to name a few, Sapang Palay Proper Elementary School, Sapang Palay National High School, Genesis Elementary School and Ebenezer Elementary School. If you intend to enroll your child in private school, Colegio de San Gabriel, Mater Dei Academy and St. Augustine School are also located within a reasonable distance.

If you are coming from within Quezon City area, the nearest route would be via bus ride from SM Fairview straight to Sampol Road in Sapang Palay. From there, you can take a jeep en route Sta. Maria, Bulacan and your drop off point would be the Metrogate. The distance is considerably near from SM Fairview in Quezon City and travel time would also be reasonably short. Travelling to and from Heritage Villas would not be a problem because Heritage Villas is located right next to a road where public transportation is abundantly available.

Should you decide to take a look or have a site visit, do let us know, via chat on line or through phone. We have live agents on standby 24/7 who will gladly assist you with any form of inquiry. Simply hit the chat button below to begin a conversation. Or you may call us up anytime. You may be interested in availing our in-house financing program or you want to purchase through PAG-IBIG House Loan program, we are totally open to assist you with that. Another financing option would be through banks. We would be happy to discuss with you all available options in our portfolio and we assure you that with our team, you need and capacity is fully considered.

Since Heritage Villas is closely located to primary and secondary schools, considering to upgrade your residence or planning to own a house of your own would definitely qualify you here. There is nothing as good as living in a place where dynamism is present and the convergence of basic service providers is within reach. 

Heritage Villas San Jose Location

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Entrance Gate

Entrance Gate

Heritage Villas San Jose - Features & Amenities

Heritage Villas at San Jose residents will enjoy a sense of place and connectivity with the integration of local institutions and commercial establishments from retail shops, dining areas, convenience stores, and more! During the rainy season, you're assured that you, your family, and your home are safe because Heritage North Villas is situated on higher ground, not easily besieged by flood waters.

Convenience and Security matters are two top priorities we always consider. Believing that family is the basic unit of a society, Heritage Villas has a good list of available facilities and amenities to foster a stronger family ties and boost camaraderie within this small community. We have lots of things listed to allow you to be with your kids and family as often as you like and to have ample opportunities to meet and greet neighbors and foster a wholesome community bond.

The entrance and the exit gates are fully landscaped and it is fully secured and monitored 24/7 to ensure safety of residents. Its huge club house is a good venue for all types of family affairs and community events, private or open for other participants to join. This is a very comfortable place for bigger gatherings like birthdays, anniversaries or simple get together events. You can also use our multi-purpose hall for other events which are less formal. There is also a large children’s playground for your kids to enjoy. This place is well-maintained with fully manicured grasses and beautifully lined trees. The list of available kiddie stuffs in the playground would certainly make your children enjoy. The vast space and the number of kiddie stuffs is a good start-up for your kids to make friends with other children within the community. The surroundings are safe from outsiders so you can have some peace of mind while the children are having their own day-off. This playground would equally help you save weekend expenses by going to malls for the same purpose.

The entire place is covered with rich growing grasses and one could easily feel the welcoming and homey atmosphere from gate up to individual houses. And with the abundance of tall and beautiful trees, spending some quite moments, say reading a book or spending some meditation moments would be ideally great below these park type surroundings. These are some of the priceless things Heritage Villa can offer and we often call it as “lifetime experiences”.

Moldex kept the entire place mostly surrounded by trees and green plants because as a family, you and your children need the abundance of cool clean air. No doubt about, you’ll have it.

This is also a very nice place to start your family. If you are about to tie the knot, consider this place for your future family. This is also very ideal for families with growing children. Health is wealth, so they say. Putting your children in a nice, safe and healthy environment would help save medical expenses and all of the hassles associated with sickness. San Juan del Monte in Bulacan is one of the fastest growing provinces outside of Metro Manila. If you are planning to invest in properties where your money is truly secured for the future, take a look at this offer, as time flies, your investments worth would secure your children’s future because of a much higher property valuation. For OFW’s who want to invest in having a home of their own, waste no time in contacting us. We are just few clicks away.

Heritage Villas San Jose - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Cluster House Model ₱ 1,067,000 Lot Area - 66 sqm / Floor Area - 30 sqm
Bea House Model-End ₱ 1,217,000 Lot Area - 66 sqm / Floor Area - 32 sqm
House and Lot ₱ 1,600,000 Lot Area - 84 sqm / Floor Area - 35 sqm
House and Lot ₱ 1,900,000 Lot Area - 96 sqm / Floor Area - 44 sqm
Single-Attached-3 Bedrooms ₱ 2,100,000 Lot Area - 84 sqm / Floor Area - 55 sqm
Jillian House and Lot ₱ 2,123,000 Lot Area - 96 sqm / Floor Area - 50 sqm
Ashley House ₱ 2,180,000 Lot Area - 96 sqm / Floor Area - 50 sqm
Marga Model ₱ 2,249,000 Lot Area - 96 sqm / Floor Area - 60 sqm
House and Lot ₱ 2,600,000 Lot Area - 120 sqm / Floor Area - 60 sqm
Fiona House Model ₱ 2,875,000 Lot Area - 96 sqm / Floor Area - 64 sqm
Helena House Model ₱ 3,273,000 Lot Area - 120 sqm / Floor Area - 68 sqm
3 Bedrooms ₱ 4,981,000 Lot Area - 96 sqm / Floor Area - 64 sqm

Heritage Villas San Jose - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
In-house Financing
20% Downpayment
80% Balance
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
BF interest rate varies depending on the choice of bank.
Other charges are not yet included.

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